Founded in 1990 as a global freight and logistics service provider.


Founded in 1990 as a global freight and logistics service provider. The Group has established more than 400 professional staff to provide comprehensive solutions covering air, sea, warehousing, Consolidation, cross-border freight and a full range of logistics services. As an international company of paid-in capital of 3 million US dollars, we focus on continuous market expansion and service differentiation. Through its global network, diversified services and expertise, serves customers in more than 150 cities in 70 countries around the world. The company is responsible for raw materials, spare parts, equipment, textile products, chemicals, machinery, electronics and other industries of different types of goods. Janco is dealing with fabrics, garments, fashion and various clothing accessories experts. We take care of all kinds of general cargo as well as dangerous goods. In order to protect the interests of our customers, we have a “traffic liability insurance” insurance policy for our global freight forwarding business, involving compensation of up to $ 250,000 per incident. Janco has a wide network coverage of all the major cities in the world to provide international cargo services. We have a strong team in Asia and are familiar with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore markets, plus our established operations and years of experience in freight logistics business, Services. Our market in China has seen a phenomenal growth over the past few years as a result of the expanding business in major cities across China. Janco Group scored double-digit growth for our customers in recent years in the Chinese market continues to develop.


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CATA:China Air Transport Association Cargo Agency


China international freight forwarders association member(CIFA)


IATA:International Air Transport Association,through a global network with experienced professionals, we provide complete air logistics services.


World Cargo Alliance(WCA)Member meet the stringent professional and financial standards within the network to meet the World Cargo Alliance (WCAF) stringent requirements for service quality and reliability standards




Ocean Carrier


25 years of experience, professional and sophisticated network transport Textiles Simplify Participation in global transportation Complexity.

Booking agent

With its long-term partnership with leading ocean carriers & Airline, provides the most reliable and quality maritime services.


25 years of experience, professional and perfect network for transporting textiles
Simplify the complexity of participating in global transportation. Avoid handling and undue delays with global reach and rich expertise that you need. Whether the goods are decorative fabrics and yarn raw materials to fibers and carpets, even bed sheets, tents, and footwear . High efficient processes and advanced technology integrated into their textile supply chain. Meet your strategic customer team schedule to monitor every step of your shipments, automate your day-to-day activities, and enhanced purchase order management. Develop your total textile supply chain solution and focus your business deserving.


Booking agent

With its long-term partnership with leading ocean carriers, Janco provides the most reliable and quality maritime services.

As a premier shipping agency, we are able to allocate our cabins directly and efficiently to achieve the greatest competitive advantage in terms of tariffs and routes.

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Ocean Freight

With decades of experience, we facilitate the entire transport process to match your import and export needs.

Air Freight

Whether it is bulk cargo or direct air transport services, our professional team will prepare the best route for your goods in the world.

Rail Transport

China to Europe rail transport services, Janco provide you with faster than the sea, air transport than the economy of the third option. 

Ocean Freight

As a professional freight forwarding company, we arrange receipt and delivery from your cargo orders, and manage shipping documents regardless of destination or carrier. With decades of experience, we facilitate the entire transport process to match your import and export needs.


  • We provide shipping companies with major port schedule and sufficient space.
  • A good freight center and border points, the management of the goods delivery process.
  • Electronic data interchange with ship operators.
  • Door to door service
  • Excellent tracking and reporting services


  • Simplify your cargo transport procedures
  • Choose the best operator, offering the fastest and direct options to reach global destinations.
  • Use advanced technology to improve the transparency of your goods
  • To meet your volume, time and price requirements, to achieve a reliable NVOCC * services

Air Freight

Whether it is bulk cargo or direct air transport services, our professional bodies in almost any point in the world for your goods to prepare the best route. Continue to seek better service and shorten the time, Furthermore with the excellent operators to develop different routes, create the most competitive and most reliable air freight forwarding services.


  • Charter services
    Air charter flights and meet the needs of customers, the goods reach the world..
  • Preferred service
    Airport to airport, 3-5 days delivery time Other services include pickup, transportation and customs clearance.
  • Door to Door
    Features extend to our customers through our international agency network. With all the work on the major continents, we have sufficient resources to ensure a smooth clearance and transportation to the final destination.
  • Courier Services
  • Air Sea & Sea Air Services
    We will maritime economic benefits, with the convenience of air transport into one, tailor-made for you with cost-effective sea and air and sea-sea international transport program.
  • Air Console
    A full range of airfreight solutions, covering multinational air cargo services, that is, the consolidation of two or more consignments of goods, designed to effectively enhance the cost-effectiveness.


Our flexibility, expertise and in-depth knowledge enable us to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your air transportation needs, including:

  • Global Air Transport Services
  • International Express
  • Container transport services
  • Interrogated transport services
  • Air freight entrances
  • Air Containers
  • Automotive and machinery
  • Personal baggage
  • Arrange charter flights
  • Comprehensive Document services
  • Packaging and related documentation services
container ship in import,export port morning light of loading ship yard use for freight and cargo shipping vessel transport

Rail transport

Janco freight provided rail transport services from China to Europe, faster than the sea and air transport than the economy of the third option. The railway transport train daily starting from Suzhou, the way Russia, and ultimately arrived in the Netherlands. The total journey time is approximately 23 days, with a total length of 11,000 km. Can be shipped from Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang and Dalian, the destination can include Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.


Janco is able to provide a range of on-board and off-the-shelf transportation services, special insulation packaging for extreme temperature conditions, and full monitoring to ensure safe and controllable transport throughout your shipment.

Customers benefits:

  • Shorten the transit time by 10 to 15 days
  • Significantly lower transport costs compared to air transport
  • Daily departures are very convenient
  • Specialized insulation packages are available to reduce the impact of extreme weather on the cargo and maintain stable humidity throughout the transport
  • Land-to-door services can be provided by land feeder
  • Full monitoring ensures safe and controllable transportation
  • Professional staff for you to design the entire transport solution
  • Optimize your supply chain by integrating different modes of transportation