Janco provides comprehensive solutions covering air, sea, warehousing, LCL, cross-border freight and a full range of logistics services.



Janco provides comprehensive solutions covering air, sea, warehousing, LCL, cross-border freight and a full range of logistics services. Through a global network, diverse services and expertise, it serves customers in more than 150 cities in 70 countries around the world.


Ocean Freight

Good freight center & border points

As a professional freight forwarding company, we arrange receipt and delivery from your cargo orders, and manage shipping documents regardless of destination or carrier. We facilitate the entire transport process to match your import and export needs.


Air Freight

3-5 days shipping time

Our professional bodies in almost any point in the world for your goods to prepare the best route. Continue to seek better service and shorten the time, Furthermore with the excellent operators to develop different routes, create the most competitive and most reliable air freight forwarding services.


Rail transportation

Reliable and cost-effective

Innovative door-to-door rail transportation solutions are reliable and cost-effective for some industries, making it easy to overcome time-to-market delays, single supply chain patterns, slow turnaround of inventory and delays in delivery times a series of questions.


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Multi transportation

Janco offers a variety of intermodal solutions, combined with two or more transport channels, greatly increase the route and the flexibility of transport time.

Land transportation

Large network through the region and the major cities, let us provide efficient door-to-door long-distance land transport and land transport services.


Selling products online means you won’t have a sales rep on hand to understand your customers’ needs. Your Store and your shipping and tracking options will take care of that for you.

Booking Agent

With its long-term partnership with leading ocean carriers & Airline, provides the most reliable and quality maritime services.

Integrated logistics

As a Global logistics service provider, Janco not only focuses on sea transportation and air freight, but also focuses on developing land transportation, warehousing and distribution services.

Supply Chain Management

We provide seamless, end-to-end end-to-end dedicated logistics and supply chain management services. Our specialized and established warehousing, shipping and value-added services can be tailored to ensure customization is tailored to client needs

Customs clearance

In order to cooperate with the development of import business, we have our own customs brokers. Cooperate with good customs and commodity inspection network to ensure the efficiency of customs clearance.

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Professional service


Cross-border e-commerce and FBA business

Make an appointment for customs clearance at sea in advance to improve the timeliness of tail end delivery.
During the epidemic, there is no way to open a warehouse, and we provide a drop-shipping service for overseas transit warehouses.

Import service

With years of rich import experience and excellent and good agency network, we can achieve integrated professional services that combine foreign operations with domestic customs clearance.


Air Charter

Janco focuses on providing tailor-made air freight solutions, allowing enterprises to enjoy end-to-end global supply chain services.

Cold chain service

Our company provides one-stop professional cold chain logistics services. Warehouse facilities include: freezer storage yard, cold storage (0-18 degrees Celsius), freezer (0-minus 18 degrees), customs inspection area, frozen through hall platform, operation area etc.


DC Warehouse (Shanghai)

The business is divided into four types, namely import distribution/TRADING, international procurement/SOURCING, factory logistics/PLANT business, and e-commerce business services. Including basic services (warehousing, storage, unpacking, value-added services) and additional services.