Air Freight

Whether it is bulk cargo or direct air transport services, our professional team will prepare the best route for your goods in the world.

Continue to seek better service and shorten the time, Furthermore with the excellent operators to develop different routes, create the most competitive and most reliable air freight forwarding services.


Charter services

Air charter flights and meet the needs of customers, the goods reach the world.

Preferred service

Airport to airport, 3-5 days delivery time Other services include pickup, transportation and customs clearance.

Door to Door

Features extend to our customers through our international agency network. With all the work on the major continents, we have sufficient resources to ensure a smooth clearance and transportation to the final destination.

Air Sea & Sea Air Services

We will maritime economic benefits, with the convenience of air transport into one, tailor-made for you with cost-effective sea and air and sea-sea international transport program.

Air Console

A full range of airfreight solutions, covering multinational air cargo services, that is, the consolidation of two or more consignments of goods, designed to effectively enhance the cost-effectiveness.

Courier Services


Our flexibility, expertise and in-depth knowledge enable us to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your air transportation needs, including:

Global Air Transport Services

International Express

Container transport services

Interrogated transport services

Air freight entrances

Air Containers

Automotive and machinery

Personal baggage

Arrange charter flights

Comprehensive Document services

Packaging and related documentation services

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?